Lung Cancer Nurse Specialists

Lung cancer nurse specialists play a vital role in supporting patients and their families. Access to a lung cancer nurse specialist is also one of the important contributing factors to improving long-term patient survival. Data shows where patients are seen by a lung cancer nurse specialist within a fully-functioning MDT, they are more likely to have a good experience of care and this can often lead to better outcomes. Patients seen by a lung cancer nurse specialist are also more likely to receive active treatment. However, currently, due to financial pressures on the NHS, there are not enough nurses to adequately deal with the number of patients diagnosed. The average caseload for lung cancer nurse specialist across the UK ranges from 100 to 200 patients. This compares poorly with cancer nurse specialist provision for other major cancers.

The UKLCC is committed to ensuring all patients have access to a lung cancer nurse specialist.

If you want to help the UKLCC’s campaign Join us or visit Lung Cancer Nursing UK.