Vlog on the UKLCC Conference with Prof Rintoul

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Video transcript

Hello, I'm Robert Rintoul, I'm a clinical academic in Thoracic Oncology in Cambridge and I'm the clinical lead for the UK Lung Cancer Coalition Clinical Advisory Group. I wanted to tell you about this year's UKLCC symposium, which we're running on November the 10th in London. It's focusing on driving quality improvements in lung cancer, where we'll be exploring solutions to blocks limiting best practice across the UK. We've got a range of speakers from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales who will be addressing topics such as tackling health inequalities in lung cancer. Can we improve molecular diagnostic pathways we're now so dependent upon? And ensuring optimal uptakes of targeted lung health checks. We believe its going to be a thought provoking, constructive day and we very much look forward to you joining us. Please have a look at the details on this vlog or on the UKLCC website.